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The closest approximation to Kummerspeck in English is probably "Freshman Fifteen," but in German, there are no timestamps on when Kummerspeck can happen. "I love living in the Speckg├╝rtel of Washington, DC!

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Whether you are worried, angry, or sad, if you turn to a block of cheese for comfort, you mht be guilty of feeding your Kummerspeck. Now think about what your vision of an ideal world.

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Still, as a general rule, any word with bacon in it is a guaranteed win! Romantic German writers used to use this word more poetiy, but nowadays it is usually used when someone does something epiy stupid that could get them ed. " rougy translates to "Are you trying to yourself?!

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(That may just be our Kummerspeck talking) This word is for that horrible moment when your colleague is getting yelled at by the boss, or when you see a biker fall on a flat, empty street. " There is a dragon in every relationship, according to this German word.

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